Risk-free Web and Mobile payments.

We provide safe solutions for online payments by holding your money in an escrow account until goods are delivered.

Whether you are a customer, merchant, or just someone looking to simplify your payments, we are here to help.

Are you an online merchant?

Eliminate Cash On Delivery risks

Do you dispatch Cash On Delivery oders without knowing if customers are goint to pay? Get paid immediately when Goods are delivered.


Increase trust for your brand

Buidling a brand is hard. We are here to assist.


Include the mass market

Only 3% of South African retail takes place online, we can help you change that.


Integrate Seamlessly with our API

Intergrate with our developer first, well documented RESTful API, or download a pre-built plugin for Wocommerce, Magento or Shopify.




Are you skeptical about paying online?

Get your money back

Get refunded if you do not recieve your goods within the agreed upon time.


Simplify making payments

Pay peers and merchants via WhatsApp or SMS.


Simplify recieving money

Recieve money via WhatsApp or SMS and withdraw it at the nearest ATM.


Immediate payments

Avoid delays when sending money to someone who uses a different bank.






Frequently Asked Questions


Jeenkwa is not yet available. Please sign up for early access.

Please sign up for early access . After launch we will publish links to our plugins for WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify. If you need help we will assist with integration.

Please sign up for early access. After launch we will publish links to our plugins for WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify, and will publish a link to our API documentation.

You can top up at any ATM or via EFT.

All money is held with our partner banks, who have the highest standards for security. While we cannot take responsibility for number porting scams, we will freeze your wallet if a new device attempts to use your WhatsApp account, and await instruction from you before allowing any transactions to take place.

Yes. When you send money to someone without a Jeenkwa wallet we will prompt them to create one. Once their wallet is created the mone will be sent, and they can use their wallet to transact or withdraw money at the nearest ATM.

No. At this time, Jeenkwa operates within South Africa only.